The Ex Knife SetIt’s Valentines Day–which is not only the day for over-priced roses and expensive restaurants, but also a great day for man-bashing! is advertising this product, The Ex Knife Set, as the perfect “Anti-Valentines Gift for her.” It’s a set of knives and each knife is lovingly stored through the head, heart, stomach and thigh of a figurine man!

Of course there is no comparible product for men (a knife set in the figure of a woman) because that would be sexist and it would promote violence against women. But promoting violence against men is perfectly acceptable.

The product description says The Ex is “not only functional, but also therapeutic, this five-piece knife set plus holder makes for the perfect gift and a guaranteed conversation piece…. The included figurine block not only stores the knives, but also provides a rather unorthodox way to take out frustrations…. the whimsically unique holder features an anonymous effigy design that can be dedicated to anyone.”

One Amazon customer who bought The Ex Knife Set and rated it as a five-star product says she bought it for her daughter! I guess she wants to teach her daughter about respect, love, and kindness for mankind.

While the product comes in several different colours, another customer who gives the product five stars says “The red [colour] has the advantage of being blood colored.”

Another wesbsite selling the product says “Your future suitors will get the ‘point.’ You are not someone to be messed with!”

I would like to ask all the men out there: Would you date a woman who had this on her kitchen counter? What would you think or say if you found this in your girlfriend’s kitchen?

One could argue that the figure could be a man or a woman, but judging by the figure’s shape, I think most people will agree that the first sex that comes to mind is male.

Another company manufactures a similar product called the Ouch Toothpick Holder, which looks more like a voodoo doll. Of course it’s also in the shape of a man.