School record of bad boysEarlier this month a five-year-old boy was accused of sexually harassing a female kindergarten classmate because he pinched her on the bottom. Does a five year old boy understand what sex is? Does he understand what sexual harassment is? I doubt it.

“He knows nothing about sex,” the boy’s father said. “There’s no way to explain what he’s been written up for. He knows it as playing around. He doesn’t know it as anything sexual at all.”

The charge of “sexual harassment” was entered in the boy’s school record so anytime he flings an elastic band in class that record will be consulted, it will be read and interpreted, and re-interpreted each time.

In November in Texas an even younger boy (four years old) was suspended for “inappropriate touching” when he hugged a teacher’s aide.

Here’s what the school’s authorities say about the incident: “It’s important to understand a child may not realize that what he or she is doing may be considered sexual harassment, but if it fits under the definition, then it is, under the state’s guidelines,” the school administrator said. “If someone has been told this person does not want this type of touching, it doesn’t matter if it’s at work or at school, that’s sexual harassment.”

In other words they’re admitting the child has no concept of sexual harrasment, that his actions were innocent, but that they are going to accuse and suspend the boy of the crime anyway. Sure that will teach him the correct lesson. The poor boy will probably be confused about this for the rest of his life.

Not long before this in another crazy American town a 10-year-old boy was suspended from school after he asked the teacher for a hug and called her “sexy.”

“It was an innocent gesture from him,” said his mother. “He doesn’t know, if you ask him, ‘what does sexy mean?’ he says, ‘that you’re pretty.’ “

When asked to explain his actions, the boy said “I just wanted to give you a hug to wish you a good weekend.” But clearly no one at this school cares about the boy’s intentions. He’s a boy and he’s bad and dirty and must be punished for being a boy.

Our overly sensitive culture may be leading young boys to grow up feeling shameful of themselves and fearful of women.

“The kid feels like he’s a criminal,” the 10-year-old boy’s mother said. “We told him you did nothing wrong, please don’t feel that you’re a criminal, because you know, he’s afraid now, he doesn’t want to have a female teacher. He says, ‘Mommy I’m afraid that this is going to happen again, what am I supposed to do?’ He’s afraid to walk next to a female adult that’s not me, his mom. That’s the traumatization [sic] that he has in his head.”

Some people who know the student have posted comments on the original blog post saying that the boy is not innocent, that he knows what “sexy” means, and that he has been a trouble maker for years. Regardless, is this really grounds for a suspension? Tell the boy it’s inappropriate to hug the teacher and explain to him why calling a teacher “sexy” is inappropriate so that he learns the true meaning of his actions. That way he’s learned the correct lesson. He’ll probably feel a little embarrassed, but at least he won’t feel ashamed.