Old white men - Four Roses Whisky AdOn CBC’s “The Current” this morning the tongue-in-cheek announcer said the U.S. Republican Party is worried they may be up against Hilary Clinton and Obama in the next election. I’m paraphrasing now, but the voice said something like, “they’re worried that two old white men can’t win an election against a woman and a visible minority man,” (although he said it much better). It made me laugh.

There’s nothing wrong with old white men, there’s just something wrong with those old white men. We’ve all known wonderful, inspiring, honorable old white men in our time. So cheers to you old chaps!

For those of you not familiar with CBC’s “The Current,” the beginning announcement is always meant to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s always a bit facetious.

But it got me thinking about age. When you’re 15 you think anyone over 30 is old. But the older you get the younger you feel because when you reach 32 you realize you’re not old at all, especially compared with someone who is 82. And I imagine when you’re 82 you feel you’re still too young to die.

I don’t have any stats to back this up, but I believe the idolization of youth was strongly helped along by the boomer generation–the generation that gave us rebellious rock-and-roll, plastic surgery, and botox.

When they were teenagers they would say things like “never trust anyone over 30.” But this is also the generation famous for its about face turns of opinion. Now they’re saying, “Never trust anyone under 30, except when you need help using your computer.”

And they still want to look 30, don’t they? Will the next generation (my generation) be as obsessed with trying to look young?