This post is a follow-up to my previous post on this issue.

Joanne Hussey says that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper owes her 29 cents–the amount of money, for every dollar, that Canadian women earn less than men.

This is the thrust behind a campaign that she and four other Halifax women have started, mostly in reaction to the government’s decision to cut $5 million from the Status of Women Canada’s budget, which will result in the closure of three-quarters of the agency’s offices across the country.

On their website, at, they even have a logo with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s head sticking out of 71% of a loonie. You can order buttons with the logo on it. All proceeds go to The Women Are Angry campaign.

The government does not owe you a salary, Ms. Hussey. The government is not responsible for ensuring that everyone is paid the same. There are clear reasons why women on average make less than men in North America and it has everything to do with the choices that men and women make in their careers, and nothing to do with discrimination any more.

The URL and slogan “The women are Angry” is rather presumptious, too. There are plenty of women in Canada who would much rather see the $5 million that is lost on Status of Women Canada every year used for other things. This includes Heritage Minister Bev Oda who asks that the money be spent on programs that benefit both men and women, and Edmonton Sun journalist Mindelle Jacobs who asks for an end to the “perpetual victimhood.”

I hope that I don’t direct too much traffic to their website, I wouldn’t want them to misread their web stats.